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Electrification Project

More than 2 years ago we decided to build a new garage to house the vehicles undercover in the winter, once we had the garage funding we decided to move into electric vehicles and to compliment our wind turbine we decided a good move would be to add solar panels to the new garage and install electricity storage inside the new garage.

With the support of our funders, shown below, we are turning an idea into reality!

Below you'll find some info on the progress so far but later in the project you'll get info on the results of the project including details of power produced, stored, power shifting, vehicle efficiency and financials.

Work in Progress!

To kick it all off a drainage pipe required to be replaced
Concrete and Bolts
It's starting to take shape!
Looking good from outside
Nice and dry inside
Front almost complete
Walls and roof complete
Ready for concrete base!
Concrete floor down and polished!
Expansion joints cut, very tidy job!
Finally got the fleet inside!







Solar panels installed ready for when we get a power supply!

Electric vehicle number 1 has arrived and after 5 weeks of operation and over 2000 miles it's proving to be a big success!

Mercedes EQC

After 5 weeks of using a 3 pin plug to slowly charge the vehicle we've now got the first Zappi charger installed!

7kw Zappi charger

EV number 2!









              Mellor Orion E electric minibus

The final EV for this project has arrived! 








Mercedes EQV

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