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21st Century Transport

Planning and providing community transport for the future

We are currently working on an exciting project to increase the efficiency of rural transport. It's early stage at the moment but funding applications are being prepared for electric minibuses.

A study of our current workload has identified suitable work for electric vehicles, and due to the range of electric minibuses at the moment we could replace 2 or 3 current diesel minibuses with electric models, as the range increases we could replace more of the fleet.

We hope to have news soon on a pilot project in the rural area.

We are currently seeking funding to install solar panels on the garage roof as well as battery storage which will be used to power electric buses, there's more info on the use of electric vehicles on the "21st Century Transport" page. We already have a wind turbine which powers the current garage.

In the longer term we plan to invest in a new garage which will supplement our current facilities, enabling us to install vehicle lifts as well as have parking for all vehicles undercover, which will make the vehicles last longer as they won't be out in the elements when not in use.

Windfarms over Crawford
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