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Welcome to the Rural Development Trust (RDT)

RDT exists to develop and deliver projects that address rural issues in a strategic and effective manner. RDT’s core charitable aims are:

  • To provide relief to people who are in need because of age, mental or physical disability or illness to provide and assist in the provision of community transport services serving the needs of such people;
  • To advance education and promote training, with particular reference to skills which will assist the participants in obtaining paid employment or which will be of direct relevance to the tasks performed by the participants in the course of their employment;
  • To relieve unemployment for the public benefit in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment;
  • To promote, conduct and/or support other charitable projects and initiatives of a charitable nature for the benefit of the community.

The Rural Development Trust is registered is Scotland No. SC263798.  A recognised Scottish charity SCO35306

Our Volunteering Policy

The Rural Development Trust’s responsibilities:

  • To offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer
  • To match your skills and experiences with the right role for you wherever possible, listening to your motivations and aspirations
  • To offer appropriate training and support for your role
  • To celebrate success and recognise loyalty and dedication
  • To respect all our volunteers and listen to what you have to say, consistently encouraging two-way communication
  • To provide information about the RDT’s work, policies and procedures
  • To reimburse agreed out-of-pocket expenses
  • To make necessary arrangements to ensure your health, safety and welfare as a volunteer
  • To encourage a positive and friendly atmosphere
  • To provide access to trained members of staff, to support, guide and advise you

Our expectations of you as a volunteer:

  • To aim for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality in your volunteering
  • To work in partnership with other volunteers, staff and the general public
  • To support, respect and adhere to our organisational policies, guidelines and management decisions – including all aspects of equal opportunities, health and safety, data protection and use of our brand
  • To always consider and protect RDT’s good reputation in your actions and conduct
  • To act responsibly and within the law
  • To let your staff contact know first if you have any problems so that we can find a solution together
  • To let your staff contact know if there are changes in your personal circumstances that may affect your volunteering
  • To have the best possible experience by getting involved and enjoying your volunteering.

Access our full Volunteering Policy – RDT Volunteering Policy